A digital solution for a safer world
Project team

Our project team consists of cross competencies within IT, law, doctors, financiers and highly experienced members. Today we have our team in sweden.

Design team

Our design team is controlled by Swedish designers and a wonderful development team in Bangalore, India.

Development team

Development takes place in a combination of development engineers in Sweden and India. We have chosen the very best system developers and have an agile approach.

Marketing team

Today, we have chosen to develop SayStop's own financed and seeking financial support for the next step.
You can reach our marketing organization via the contact information.

SayStop the Solution

SayStop is a unique solution for protecting and preventing violence. Created from a need that has created from our founders expirence and lack of solutions in the market.

SayStop Baic(™) (free version)

This is a free version that is included basic strong functions in your Iphone or Android smartphone. SOS-Button, Voice Activation, Follow Me, Recording, Live Streaming, Community Guardians, Show My Location, Alarm and  connect to the free SayStop Button(™) .

SayStop(™) Premium

Unique features with support for hardware such as smart watches, buttons, sportband and more. Connect your Apple Smartwatch, Fitbit, Samsung Gear ..... unique open standard that we are alone in the market


You will have access to a community that is with you, protects you and of course you develop the requirements for SayStop(™) in the future. When you register in the comunity, you get a SayStop button that you can connect to your Iphone or Android phone.

You will communicate directly with the SayStop basic or premiumapp.

Partner Network and teams

Get yourself a boost for your hardware and make sure you protect your users. You will have access to the open API where you can easily develop communication with SayStop.

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Our story

Modern society is becoming more and more uncertain, which means that the freedom to move freely is limited for every day that goes on - unless something is done about it.
We have therefore analyzed and created the ultimate digital solution in a cross-competence team that contributes with a puzzle piece to solve this problem.

Many initiatives have been taken, but do not keep all the way and we claim that "SayStop" is unique. Simple description is a personal security solution in the form of an app and linked accessories in an open standard. You become visible to friends, community and security companies and proof can also be secured through audio, video, DNA and color as an example.
With our digital solution, we want to prevent crime from happening through preventive means. In cases where crimes still occur, SayStop should disturb and intimidate the perpetrator.

The digital solution SayStop supports and reinforces the possibility that the perpetrator can be identified and, if necessary, arrested. We must work actively and jointly to break the trend. Our contribution is SayStop and makes the user visible and not alone if something happens

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